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Genealogy Digital Filing System

More than just a file hosting web site, File Grove is a complete digital filing system. File Grove has the features you need to easily upload, download, manage, organize and share your family history images, documents, and more.

File Grove was created so genealogists could easily organize and share their family history records. No more unorganized shoe boxes, you can now find all your records in a matter of seconds! Preserve all your vital records, photographs, letters, newspaper clippings, land records, military records and much more. In addition to being organized you will have the opportunity to document all the information you know about your records.

By joining the Filegrove community you will be able to create friendships, share records, and send messages with other genealogist. Plus you will save money by sharing vital records. Filegrove is so easy to use that you will be an expert in no time, join our community today.

Are Your Records safe?

Have you ever wondered what will happen if there was a natural disaster or a fire? Are your Genealogy records preserved for generations to come?

Many genealogists and personal historians spend hundreds upon thousands of hours researching and collecting important artifacts such as Photographs, Birth Records, Marriage Records, Death Certificates, Military Records, Immigration Records, Obituaries, Newspaper Articles, Wills, and other important documents. A fire, natural disaster, hard drive failure, or human error could cause these records to be lost forever.

Preserve Your Records

Don't take any chances with your important genealogy records. Digitalize and Organize your records today!

File Grove allows genealogists and personal historians the ability to archive, organize, and share their genealogy records. This is the safest way that you can make sure your records are organized and preserved for generations to come.

Our industry leading technology allows you to not only preserve your records but document any information you know about your records.

Records Go Where You Go

Are you visiting family and want to share your rescearch or are you researching at a library? No problem. With File Grove your files are accessible from anywhere. Just log in using your computer, iPad, or mobile device and you can access all your files.

genealogy file storage
genealogy file storage

What Community Members are Saying

"I am 80 years old and no one else in my family does genealogy. I have always been worried that when I pass away my records will be thrown away and all my time would have been wasted. File Grove gives me peace of mind knowing my records can now be shared with other genealogists." -RJ

"I love what you have done with this site! I love the simplicity of it, ease of mobility, etc, I love the look of it. I love the search mechanism, the way it is set up, the categories to organize your data by and the albums feature. I love that it can be public or private. Overall you have done a NICE job!! Good work!" - KM

"I have been a genealogist for over 30 years and have collected several filling cabinetÂ’s worth of records. Organization has always been difficult for me. Sometimes it would take hours to find a record. Now that I use File Grove my records are organized and I can easily share them with others." - LS