genealogy file sharing

Explanation of Features

File Management

Upload Photographs and Documents

Any family history records you have collected can be uploaded. This includes photographs, vital records, obituaries, love letters, wills, and much more. Site accepts all JPG, PDF, PNG, and GIF files.

Storage Space

Premium users receive UNIMILTED, yes we said UNLIMITED storage space! We understand how important your records are so we don't want to limit what you can save.

Download Full Resolution Files

Premium users are able to download full resolution files.


Multiple File Uploading

Premium users can upload multiple files at one time. Forever Free users can upload one file at a time. After a file is uploaded you will be prompted to input any and all information you know about the file (name, surname, location, title, description). This is similar to writing on the back of a file but will be digitally stored with the file.

File Sharing Preferences

Premium users can set the file sharing preference for each file they upload. All files are defaulted to private but can be changed to share with friends or pubic. This way you have full control of each and every file that you upload.


Create a Friendship

There is a complete social networking feature built into the site. This lets you interact with other genealogists. Plus, the contributor of each file is listed when you view it allowing you to find new friends that you can share and interact with.

Send & Receive Messages

All users can send and receive messages. All messages are private so only the people in the message can read them.



All users have the ability to create a blog. Us this to publically share your family history knowledge!

Search / Invite Friends

Search by first name, last name, or email to find more friends on File Grove. If your friend is not on File Grove you can easily send them an invitation.


Unlimited Albums

Organize your files using unlimited albums. Albums are files which can contain any amount of files. They are your personal organizer so be creative. You can use them for Surnames, Locations, File Types, Dates, anything you with. Also, don't worry, each file can be included in multiple albums.

Advanced Search

Using our advanced search feature you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for. Input as much or little information as you know and hit search. All records which match the search criteria will show up.

Adding File Information

Input all the information you know about a file and have it digitally stored within the file. File information includes: File Type, Name, Surname, Keywords, Title, Caption, Source, Copyright, Start Date, End Date, City, State, County, Country, and Notes. This is to help you share the information you know about a photograph or record.

Chrome People Inspector Extension Compatible

Site is optimized with microdata which is recognized by major search engines and improves search results.


Share Files With Friends

By choosing a file sharing preference of friends or public all of your friends on File Grove can view your file.

Use file as Source File on Family Search

With one click you can send a file from File Grove directly to your Family Search source box.
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Unique URL

Create your own unique URL. This makes it easy to share your research with friends and family via a link.


Use File to Cite Your Source

All public files have permanent URLs so you can use the URL to source your file anywhere.

Send Public Link to Friends

Just copy the file URL and you can send it to anyone so they can view your public file.

Society Accounts

Multiple Users

Multiple user accounts allow for everyone to upload and help with sharing your society's records.

Training Webinar

A member of our staff will provide a free training webinar to your organization explaining how File Grove works and teaching everyone how to use the core features.


Free Promotional Materials

We will provide digital and print material to help you spread the word to your society members.



Works with:
Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, Droid, Mobile Devices.

File Ownership

User maintains control and ownership of files.


Survivorship Control

User determines what will happen to their files and content upon death of account holder or cancellation of account.

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